about us

Aerialrobotics.com is the home of New Perspective Aerial Photography.

New Perspective Aerial Photography provided aerial photography services using remotely piloted, fixed wing aircraft.  We operated from 1994 until 2009.  We are now watching the daily developments as the FAA works to draft regulations for the integration of unmanned aircraft into US airspace.  We hope to be a part of this new industry which promises to safely and economically provide images and data for a variety of applications.

Our current efforts are focused on developing safe, lightweight and reliable multirotor aircraft for aerial imaging.  We are not currently performing any commercial photography services but we are actively designing, testing and developing aircraft, systems and procedures for future work.  We are interested in partnering with others in the areas of hardware, maintenance, training and piloting services.

A 20 year history of New Perspective is condensed into the pages below.  These pages are provided to document our experience with UAVs and to assist others interested in working in this emerging industry.

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